The Story Of Shirebrook on the Map

   The story began on October 19th 1999, with a Question
What can I do with my Computer?
Do something useful was the answer to my self,
I asked a life long friend of mine ( Kev (UKACTS.CO.UK) ) how you start a Website,
He told me what to do, and "Learn HTML with note pad",
This seemed impossible at first, but I started, failed tried again,
And then something started to develop and it began.
   Hours of telephone calls followed and hours of work thrown in the recycle bin.
The first working version of an HTML page worked,
I was told to go to night school and learn, but that was not for me,
I have never been any good a sitting and reading book's
Learning through study, No hands on is the only way I have been able to learn.
   So it became a Page, what now? "Publish it !".
"Decide what you are going to do" said Kev
Shirebrook came the answer to my self.
I am proud of my hometown, not what Has become of it,
But it is my hometown. So Shirebrook on the Map was born.
   Oct 24th First page published one single page, nothing much on it but it was there.
Now to try to find the content, I have a camera take some Photo's,
Publish them into a Gallery, show what Shirebrook looks like.
And here it is December 1999, and drawing to a close.
   All what you see is my own thought's and work in writing the Pages.
I never use an HTML editor, I hate them! Learn by hard work Long Hours and experience.
That's the only way I know how .
A special thanks goes out to Kev Birch, without his help a guidance
none of this would ever have been possible.
   I hope you enjoy reading and viewing these Pages.
I also hope you take the time to send back feedback to improve the Site.
My aim is to make it a Site for you, To show what you want to see.
Memories old and new. Opinions, expressions of views and your submissions,
In Articles ect.
   G. Flemming 26/12/99.

The Story Of Shirebrook on the Map 2000
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or other financial organisations,
succeeding purely on the merits of the work I produce.

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