The Story Of Shirebrook on the Map 2000

As I write this another year draws to a close.

I look back on an eventful year with a change of Name and most importantly a major change in servers, which has enabled to form and take shape.

One of the most successful areas has been the opening of the Beauty of Thomas Kinkade gallery which has proved more popular than I ever thought, my thanks go to Betty Smith in Canada and Harold Moles in the U.S.A. for allowing the material to be used.

Another success story has been from pitwork by Bill Riley, who is now hosted by under Bills own Domain Name of I am sure there is more to come from bill who has improved beyond expectations.

Thanks to all the Contributions especially in Yesteryear which now has it's own domain, I hope as time goes on more people will submit further to this area and let it grow and show how Shirebrook was.

Most of all thanks for the support from the number of people visiting I expected the visitors to fall when I moved from, but I am very pleased to see people did want the site to continue.

Beyond all my Thanks for all the support given by my friend Mr. K. Birch ( without which none of this would have been possible.

As for the coming year then there are further projects involving

glenn 02/12/2000


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