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Road safety gives
motorist the hump
A DISABLED Shirebrook man is claiming traffic calming measures in Warsop have made it impossible for him to get his children to school.
Every day he drove his five children to and from Warsop, where they attend Meden Comprehensive and Birklands Junior Schools.But he say's a new system of road ramps along burns lane have caused his back condition to worsen so much that he has been forced to take the children out of school.
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He told the Chad Newspaper: "There is no Route you can take to avoid them, I spoke to someone at the Council about it and he said 'Don't drive so fast'."
He said he had decided to send the children to Warsop Schools because he belived they offered the best education in the area.
But after his experience with the road ramp, he looked into the possiblitly of transferring them to Shirebrook Schools - only to be told there were no places.Full Story
Reproduced from Chad Newspaper ... 14 Mar 2001
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