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Road safety gives
motorist the hump
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I am puzzled why there is a need for speed bumps on public roads in your country. They are unheard of here except for parking lots & parks. We have no problems with our schools. There are speed zones & there are crossing guards. The crossings are manned by older children & recently have been replaced with life size figures painted on wood & mounted on tires & placed at the crossings. I would be concerned too if I were handicapped & had to drive over many of these, especially if they were too high or too close. I am in sympathy with the Shirebrook man & his family
B. J. Smith
The Road "improvements" in Warsop give me cuase for concern
  Firstly, the parking bays in Sherwood Street have been sited on a road which is barley wide enough for two-way traffic
  Secondly, a pedestrian crossing has now been sited on a sharp bend.
  Thirdly, there is over use of traffic calming humps on particular roads where the existance is not always necessary or advisable.
  Such inept managment of highways gives cause for concern. Perhaps the roads manager responsible should be sacked forthwith and a more creative and intelligent scheme devised
R. B****

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