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Update to Story
unbiased ?
After over One Year of waiting still the situation remains the same.
Today 17/05/2002 an appeals hearing turned down the Application for School Buss Pass's for the Children
Subject to legal consultation the reason cannot be given at the moment.
The Appeals committee Comprised of County Council Officials and County Council Employees,
hosted in County Council buildings.
This is not seen nor can it been seen be be unbiased in any way, the was no Independent person
On the Committee
This contravenes the Human Rights act on its own, and the Committee was advised of this.
Also this also Restricts the Rights of the Children to a good standard of Education, as the
Appeals committee was Informed of the Problems encounter at Shirebrook Community School
by the Family.
The Appeal was support also by the Area Education Welfare office.
Judicial Review next ?

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