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Submission !
From: June Boyer.Australia
Date: 12/02/00
There's a little Mining Village,
Where I would Love to be
It doesn't nestle in a Valley
Not is it near the sea
It's People are not High Class
Just Folk who work all day
But how I Love those people
Is more than words can say
No Palatial Mansions
Just Cottages so neat
But heart's that beat within those walls
Are honest, kind and sweet
To all you mining people From far across the foam
I wish "Good Health and Happiness
And may God Bless Your Home

Here's Good Luck to Warsop
Don't Let your spirit'slow
There are Many lads who love you
Including your fond admirer JOE

        Driver JOE WALLACE
        The Glouster Regiment, 1943
Reply: Thankyou for your Submission
It is nice for you to Let others share your Thought's

Message !
From: Betty J. Smith .Canada
Date: 23/01/00
I went to see your site. I liked the music but didn't find much else.
Should I have?.Betty
Reply : try this link take you straight to the index
From:Betty J. Smith .Canada
Date: 24/01/00
Thanks glenn.
It worked this time. I visited a bit & bookmarked the site. I signed the guestbook.
I will go back again & view more.
Your friend,Betty

Message !
From: Carrie Washington
Date: 12/12/99
A date for your diary,
Different Beat appeared
at Carter Lane Club,
Shirebrook on Sat 16th May
Many thanks Glenn,
By the way our show for the NSPCC
in November Raised £2995.50

See Whats on ?
 Different Beat

Message !
From: June Boyer.Australia
Date: 09/12/99
Congratulations on a very interesting site.
We are always thirsty for info on our home territory and this fits the bill perfectly.
We are originally from Warsop/Woodhouse area but have family connections in Shirebrook.
We have bookmarked your site and will certainly be regular visitors.
Wishing you great success
Regards June Boyer.

Message !
From: Jack
Date: Sun Dec 5 11:56:04 1999
Comments: You asked for comments about the strike.
The way it afected NUM is well known. The problem officials
had (deputies and overmen) is less known.
I had a Son on strike, 2 Brother-in-Laws + Nephews.
2 deputies at Shirebrook put their notice in because of the
frustration regarding the situation with British Coal and
their methods.Shirebrook NACODS was part of the Midland Area
which included all of the Notts. working pits. It was therefore
impossible for the Derbyshire branches of NACODS
Reply: Jack, Get back in touch I would love to print a Full Story !!

Message !
From: Jermey Baker Australia
Date: 20/11/99
Thank You very much for all your help in trying to track down my rellies.
I have only just received your e-mail from months ago.
I had changed my Internet Provider and they are sister companies
and they never told me that I had to change my incoming mail address.
I think my Auntie June has contacted my mother
to let her know that you have contacted her about my message.
I still haven't received my cousin Julies e-mail address
as yet I've heard that she is online.
Thanks again Mate
Regards Jeremy

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