My Usefull Tip For The Use of Firework's

All Rockets should be fired
from the launching tubes provided in
packs. Should you require extra tubes
these can be bought at
a cost of around 75p each.
Angle all rockets away from
spectators and try to ensure that
they fall into open ground
away from all buildings.

Set Pieces
All Set Pieces should be nailed
to wooden posts.
Ideally the post should be
8ft high and I would
suggest connected to a 2-3ft
angle iron driven into the ground.
Some Set Pieces may require
2 or more posts (see instructions).

Candles and Batteries
Some Candles have stakes provided, ie Pots of Candles
need to be secured to a post. Batteries of Candles
can be tied to stakes in a similar manner.
The stakes should be secured firmly to the ground
to prevent the Candles of Batteries from slipping sideways,
as their contents could be fired into spectators.
Do not situate under trees or overhanging cables.

Mines are preloaded in their own mortars.
They usually contain packaging. Do not remove this packaging
otherwise you will get less compression.
There is usually a 5-10 second delay after you light a mine,
before ignition.

 Pic's by Mrs V. L. Flemming

Setting Up
For maximum enjoyment to the spectators, particular care needs
to be taken when planning the order in which to ignite the fireworks.
I suggest the following sequence to help you:

Start off your display with a 'noisy firework' such as a Rocket
or an Air Bomb Battery
Follow up with some aerial fireworks then ignite one
or two Set Pieces.
Now would be a good time to
introduce some Candles or Mines into the display.

Follow up with more Rockets then another Set Piece.
Finale. Use a volley of Rockets to finish with a 'Bang'
The details on this page are only meant as a guide and you
may prefer to rotate the materials in a more definite pattern.
The most important thing to remember is that your finale
should be a crescendo of light and sound.

"See Bonfire Night Special Gallery"

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